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HC-PFB-35W Skin Stapler

Product Name
Product Name :

HC-PFB-35W Skin Stapler

Product Code
Product Code : -

Brand : Galena

Skin stapler can be used for tissue closure or skin closure and as an alternative to stitches and needles.
1- Convenient design handle makes operations more comfortable, easy and practical.
2- In traditional stiches, it is avoided to remove the stiches to heal the wound; However, while using the stapler the wound starts to heal quickly after the stitches.
3- It throws the suture smoothly and safely and keeps the sutured wound neatly and nicely. After healing, the scar is small and light.
4- It reduces the stitching time and pain of the patients.
5- Disposable sterile medical product has a wide range of uses and is clean, safe and effective.
Suture Size: 7.0*4.5
Model: HC-PFB-35W
Number of Staples: 35