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ACS Lal Zone Air-Pump & Mattress System

Product Name
Product Name :

ACS Lal Zone Air-Pump & Mattress System

Product Code
Product Code : ZONE

Brand : GALENA


  • The system consists of an air pump and a bariatric mattress which provides full support in sitting position with switchable pressure zones. An air cushion forms between the patient and the mattress with 120liter/minute low flux air output during operation.
  • It provides support by inreasing the local pressure in the head and legs whenever the bed is positioned 30 º inclined on one of these regions by sensing the movement via internal sensors. 
  • It is the only air mattress that is compatible with head & legs adjustable patient beds.
  • The system supports patients up to 450 kg being very competitive and rare in its segment.
  • It creates three separate pressure zones for head/neck, torso and legs hence offers the best pressure relieving system.
  • Side supports provide optimal safety and comfort to the patient. For patient care purposes, user has the option to select non-fluctuating flat surface option as well as “MaxFirm” feature specifically designated for maximum firmness.